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Softball Experts

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Butch Tiller- Softball Expert, President SoftballNation, Passionate Fan Improving the game of softball,

Butch Tiller got his start in softball as a slow pitch player in the early 1980’s.  After nearly twenty years of playing league and tournament softball, he decided to take a crack at directing tournaments.  “I just wanted to run a tournament to see if I could do it.  I thought there was a better way to hold a tournament than the usual events I’d played in and I wanted to see if I could do it better.”

From that first tournament in 1997, his love of softball continued to grow.  He worked as a local area director for the National Softball Association in Richmond, Virginia.  In 2005,  Tiller saw the opportunity and need to move to bigger and better things.  He and several other tournament experts created SoftballNation, a national sanctioning organization.   SoftballNation has grown each year with a major influence with slow pitch and fast pitch teams on the east coast.

The mission of the organization is to provide quality league and tournament events for teams that play slow pitch and fast pitch softball.  “Our motto is: “The  Best Teams, The Best Tournaments”.   Every time we host an event, we want it to be the best tournament experience that a team has ever had.  That’s how all of our tournament directors feel and that’s what we aim for each time out.”

Tiller has continued to grow his softball influence.  He now operates two softball complexes in Chesterfield County, Virginia and his organization continues to attract teams from all over the country looking for a great softball experience.


Shawn Stewart, PhD, CSSC

Coaching, counseling and conditioning athletes for the past 15 years, Shawn Stewart is an expert in enhancing the performance, leadership & confidence of competitive athletes.  His goal has always been to help athletes reach their potential, to encourage them and teach them that:

  • they can be as successful as they choose to be
  • they can achieve any goal they set for themselves
  • they can do more than they think they can … both on and off the field.
After earning his doctorate in Sport Psychology from the University of Tennessee, he served as Life Skills Counselor at the University of Kentucky, where he helped student-athletes become successful in the classroom, on the playing field and in the real world.  From there Dr. Stewart shifted his focus to youth sports.
Seeing a need to help youth athletes to build their skills and their confidence, Dr. Stewart opened an athletic performance training center in Richmond, VA.  There he has worked with thousands of athletes from little leagues to major leagues, enhancing their speed, agility and strength.  In addition, he has consulted extensively with youth, college and professional athletes on their mental skills to achieve peak performance.

Seeing the benefit of combining physical and mental training on the confidence of athletes, especially youth athletes, Dr. Stewart developed Exceleration as a self-directed physical and mental training program that is designed to inspire each athlete to become the athlete, teammate and leader they always wanted to be!




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