Sportsmanship-Leading By Example


It was senior night. Virginia Commonwealth University had one senior basketball player to honor that night before their game against George Mason University. Bradford Burgess, the captain of the team, … [Read more...]

2 Keys to Getting Out of the Box Quickly


by Shawn Stewart, PhD I remember watching the college world series of softball couple years ago and was highly impressed with the speed of the game. I remember watching a girl at the plate who … [Read more...]

Softball Bats-The Softball Bat Dilemma


Softball Bats-The Softball Bat Dilemma: When it comes to softball bats, imagine a person who went out and bought a brand new car, then took it home and altered the  motor so the car would go over … [Read more...]

Slowpitch Softball-Why I love the game of softball


Why I love the game of softball I just hit two milestones in my life. I recently turned 50 and I recently attended a reunion party for my slow pitch softball team. Turning 50 was no big deal to me, … [Read more...]

Fastpitch Softball-How to Get Recruited to Play College Softball.


How to Get Recruited to Play College Softball. So you want to play college softball?  Here’s a guide to give you some insight into softball at the next level and a couple of ideas on what you … [Read more...]

Bestrans Keeps On Trucking

softball collage125

It’s fitting that Bestrans often leaves its opponents feeling like they’ve been squashed by an 18-wheeler. Bestrans is a prominent trucking firm in Maryland, and also a name to be feared in … [Read more...]

The Dog House

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By Fred Jeter Most softball teams derive their names from sponsors. Then others bear names with a more personal message. Take The Dawghouse, for example. In 2008, the nucleus of a … [Read more...]